Yoel Gamzou Mahler X

Yoel Gamzou

"Conductor miracle" (FAZ) and "firebrand" (The Mirror Tags)—Yoel Gamzou is an artistic anomaly. The young Israeli-American conductor was the last student of Carl Maria Giulini, and had already committed himself to the work of Gustav Mahler at the age of seven. His preoccupation with Mahler's work culminated in the reconstuction of Mahler's Tenth Symphony, which premiered in Berlin in 2010.
In 2009, we took over the artist management and the press and public relations for the conductor and the world premiere of Gustav Mahler's Tenth Symphony in the reconstructed version.

U Theatre of Taiwan

Haus der Berliner Festspiele
U Theatre of Taiwan
The Sound of Ocean

An ocean in the middle of Berlin—the U Theatre of Taiwan made this dream come true, at least sonically. In the Haus der Berliner Festspiele and on the Museum Island, the musicians and dancers showed that years of joint meditation practice and musical collaboration can lead to a stunning stage presence.
We handled the press and public relations, marketing, and were also responsible for the creation and distribution of all advertising media.

Jazz Indeed

Jazz Indeed

"A stroke of luck," said the kulturSPIEGEL about the current CD of the Berlin Jazz Quintet Jazz Indeed. And indeed, this is the band that cares neither about genre boundaries or style boundaries.
In the mid-90s, we handled the artist and tour management, took over the booking, organized CD release concerts in the swimming pool (CD "Underwater") and a planetarium (CD "Who the Moon is"). We also took care of the entire press and public relations.