Values That Are Important To Us

No Illusions Please—You Radiate from Within

You live what you do best: your art! We make sure that the world knows about it. Recently, PR agencies have begun to talk about important "content" — for us, content has been at the center of every strategy for decades. With our passion for stories and content, we have been convincing media makers and target audiences for almost 20 years. From your strengths, we develop stories that intrigue. Through our decades-long, well-established contacts, we meet the journalist on a level that is also of interest to him personally — be it Chinese flute music, his secret dream of dancing, or his child's passion for a particular museum object.

In doing so, we don't rely on what we can already do. We joyfully plunge into new forms of communication and remain in constant contact with colleagues, journalists, artists, and opinion leaders. As pioneers of PR culture in Web 2.0, we know about the great opportunities as well as the cliffs in the vast sea of the worldwide web. We allow you to benefit from this experience and even share in our Social Media Coaching with creatives who are stepping into the public eye for the first time.

We spare you the PR speech bubbles of Follow-up, B2B, and Corporate Communication — the only content we talk about is the cat content.