About Us

Ruth Hundsdoerferberlin acts was founded in 1994, primarily as an agency for artist management. In addition to management, production management, tour accompaniment, and booking of musicians, the press and public relations work gained more importance over time, and in the meanwhile has clearly become our core business. Through many years of experience in working closely with artists, promoters, and journalists, we know the needs of all parties concerned.

Agency owner Ruth Hundsdoerfer worked as a singer, actress, presenter, speaker, texter, artist manager, artistic director, cultural manager, tour manager, CD producer, project manager, and booker, and is co-founder of various festivals and theaters. Throughout this diverse professional background, one thing remained constant: in all of the projects, she was responsible for the PR. She has worked in this area for small and large cultural institutions for about 30 years.

To efficiently realize large assignments, we have worked with an experienced and closely attuned network for decades. This network includes copywriters, musicologists, technical directors, art historians, graphic designers, web designers, event managers, production managers, flyer distributors, hostesses, lighting designers, and social media experts. And if you are looking for a snake woman — we have her too!