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La Bicicleta - Berlín azul

What does Berlin sound like? For the Berlin trio La Bicicleta, it sounds like a mixture of the big wide world and a gloomy tavern, like closely entwined couples in the park, like the magic of the blue hour, the sadness of rain-soaked streets, and the eternal noise of the city.

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Market of the Continents 2013

The doors open and the museum welcomes visitors with fragrant spices, cozy warmth, colorful market chaos, exciting music, and of course with the inexhaustible abundance of the treasures of the Dahlem Museum complex.

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s h i f t s – art in movement / Festina Lente

Who is audience? Who is actor? On this evening, the boundaries are blurred. The spectators give the dancers the impulses. Put them in motion. At first glance, it is a simple game — but in the course of the evening, it reveals our handling of expectations and disappointments. Of time and space.

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Jewish Culture Days

From old and new, the forgotten and remembered, joyful and thoughtful. From East and West, old and young, encounters and togetherness. With music, literature, stories, and history, lectures, children's tours, an exhibition, public worship services, a big party, and even live cooking, the ten-day festival of the 27th Jewish Culture Days offers a wonderful opportunity to immerse deeply in Jewish culture, like no other festival in Germany.

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